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Hey ya'll 

 I'm linking up with Raven today from A Momma's Desires and Pacifiers
For the I heart tattoos link-up (yay)
...Click the link below to head that way...

A Mommas Desires and Pacifiers

 I have talked about my tattoos a few times
I just got a new one last week that I havn't shared yet
So this link-up couldn't have come at a better time
I have two finger tattoos Loyal on my ring finger and 
RIP R.J. on my opposite hand <3

Shoulder Tattoo Gmas b-day

True love never fails
Ughh bad pic, you can see the light lettering under my bra line
I have "Love is Patient" "Love is kind"
on each side

First session leg piece (outline)
Finished leg piece 

 Define your own beauty

Thanks for visiting

XOXO Ashton Rae


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8 lovely little thoughts

  1. I love tattoos.

    however, my momma hates them.

    And I finally muscled up the courage to tell her about my second one over the holidays... hahaha.

    Love is patient love is kind.. love it. that is where my second one is..

  2. Look at how cute you are! Love the tattoos!!

  3. Thanks for visiting ya'll <3

  4. seriously, all of your tattoos are soooo cool! I love the word ones and love the finger one. A finger tattoo is definitely on my list of ones to get in the near future. Thanks so much for linking up gorgeous!

  5. Anonymous1/18/2012

    love the tattoos! & the rest of your blog. i'm a new follower.


  6. Raven-Thanks for having an awesome link-up, glad to be apart of it!

    Thanks to ALL my new followers major bloggie ♥

    :) Have a great week everyone

  7. I like the "Define Your own Beauty" tattoo. I couldn't agree more. :)



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