Tattoo addiction and Jesus Christ

By 2:24 AM

So guess what I did today?
I got another tattoo
Yep just like that
Walked in no appointment 
Came home with a brand new beautiful tattoo
Tattoo addiction?
Maybe :)
In case you don't stalk my blog
and don't know what I was planning to get
it reads...
"Define your own beauty" On my "low" side
Pictures coming soon 
It was still a bit swollen to take any tonight

What's my next piece?
A Gothic cathedral across my back
For those of you that don't know 
which is pretty much everyone 
because I haven't talked about it
I am going to get saved
This tattoo will represent something that happened in my life
that I just never could let go of
I hope to find peace with this once I am saved
and believe it will help me to do so

Me and my mom both found Christ in the same way
I find this ironic
I am going to add a quote to somehow incorporate that in

This will be the latest addition
I plan to start it in March
(My birthday)
I want to start it on my 22nd birthday 
to represent a new year for me 
I know it's going to be a great one
I am finally coming into my own

"Only god can judge me for the choices I have and will make"

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