Dear Taco Bell

By 12:37 AM

This weekend my brother and his friend
asked me to go to Taco Bell for them
and bring back food
they were too busy to do so
because of the two
T.V.'s they had set up in the living room
only there for convenience and better odds against the
other crazy Call of Duty addicts
like themselves
(logical right)
anyways I arrived at Taco Bell only to find
that in the prior year
that I had not been there
they added more disgusting fattening food
but yet do to the current hunger state I was in
I decided to say "Oh well it's only calories"
Probably hundred and hundreds of calories
but still JUST calories
So I ordered a Beefy 5 layer burrito
which I found sickenly deliciously disgusting
I just ate two more tonight

So here is my letter to Taco Bell

Dear Taco Bell:
It is possible that this could sound like a break-up letter
probably because
it kind of is
It is a good thing I get off at 3 tomorrow because I will
need the extra hours at the gym because of the calorie intake
you practically begged me to endure tonight
If your food was less deliciously disgusting I wouldn't have eaten
two entire 5 layer burritos
and now be mentally beating myself up over it
some of us have stomach tattoos
In case you didn't know "Taco Hell"
stomach tattoos do not look good
with an ounce of fat on them
So now I am going to walk away from you
never looking back at the weight gain that
(could've been)

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1 lovely little thoughts

  1. I have a weakness for all things Mexican and cheesy. Try not to beat yourself up- just put in a little extra time at the gym and it will be like it never happened :)



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