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So my aunt is soon moving to Florida
(Right by the beach)
I have an invitation for the summer
Which I'm definately thinking about taking...
but here is a few things I would be leaving behind
(All things I love during the summer in sweet home carolina)

For all the North Carolinians out there!

Lexington BBQ
High-Rock lake/Lake Norman 
Pilot Mountain
Waterfalls at Hanging Rock
Dan River Tubing
Myrtle Beach (South Carolina)

Childress/Raylen Vineyards
The amazing people ♥
Random road trips
Good sweet-tea

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4 lovely little thoughts

  1. blah blah...you know u are coming down...I expect you too...we will miss you bunches...<3

  2. haha I'm from Alabama! I totally understand what you are talking about! But that time with your Aunt should be great too, just like home!

  3. I NEED those Mason Jar wine glasses. Genius!!!


  4. Gotta love the Carolinas! ;)


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