For the love of the Birchbox?

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So yesterday I was at work
and I was reading this article
{Y'all should read it}
It was a quite humorous
"Bucket List: Why Every Woman Should Pose Nude"
I was reading it because The Boudoir Divas reccomended it on there site
and I myself was writing a Boudoir Q&A sheet for clients
I thought the article was funny and really true

Thinking about doing a boudoir session?
Read the article here

Live in N.C?
Call Melissa at Real Life Photography
With Valentines day around the corner it couldn't be a better time to knock this one off your bucket list

I saw this link on the same page as the article that said
"Solve Two New Year’s Resolutions With One Move: Monthly Beauty Samples From Birchbox"
I clicked the link only to see it was only 10 dollars a month
I then wrote Birchbox down on one of the 1,000 post it notes we have
to remember to read more about it when I got home
First thing I did when I got home?
Forgot all about Birchbox
I got on Blogger
One of the first "Blogs I'm reading"
Had a post about Birchbox
She was doing a giveaway
I thought hmm...
now I am going to look more into this
Has everyone jumped on the Birchbox train?
So I did more research
"For $10 a month, you get a box of beauty product samples sent to you to try. We’re talking luxury brands, anything from make-up to moisturizer to perfume. You get 4-5 samples a month, after filling out a Beauty Profile for a more streamlined selection in each package."
Sound perfect? I think yes!!
Check Birchbox out here

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  1. Anonymous1/12/2012

    I wanted to do this but never got around to it,I heard you get pretty neat things, there is also jewelmint which is nice quality jewelry subscription for $30 :)


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