Waitressing Hell...

By 3:02 PM

Ok ya'll today was one of those days at work...
A SLOW day
For those of you that don't know
I waitress part-time
"I kind of hate it"

Here's a list why

You work the worst hours!
You deal with at least one table of rude people daily.
You end up eating when your bored
You have to be sickeningly nice all day
$2.50 an hour?? Really?? Yes, plus tips, but still
Explaining to your waitress how great they are (isn’t a tip!)
People ignore you constantly, and it is quite annoying
Some days you work 5+ hours for under $20 
People frequently talk to you like you are three 
Your bank and most other establishment’s probably think you are a stripper, from the constant payment in one dollar bills

I have a feeling alot of people can relate to this!!
Comments anyone??

Quick life Update: house hunting this week...


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