D.I.Y. Thursday

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Thinking about a handmade Christmas?
Here's some ideas ya'll

Jewelry love

Cute simple necklace
Found this on the most adorable website
Check it out here

Source: psimadethis.com

"To create: reach for thin material/fabric, cut into long strips. P.S.- the thinner, the better. Cut strips, angling the top, pinch ends to thread beads through. Classic pony beads are ideal and are available in a variety of colors. Get creative with color combos and spacing to create a staggering look. Make multiple strands for the ultimate summer statement necklace."

Scarf love

Such an adorable idea
from this cute site
I love Pinterest
for pointing me to these great sites and D.I.Y. ideas

Her inspiration

we are owls poem scarf
Source: We are owls

What you need to recreate this

We Are Owls Poem Script Scard DIY
Source: Stamp48.com

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