I'm still alive

By 2:40 PM

OK ya'll I know I have been a terrible blogger
but I'm totally back
But I figured I would write a little something to catch ya'll up..
I have had so much going on lately
from trips to the E.R. with the B.F.
to bad court experiences  
to fun tree farm trips
 tons of trips to Truliant to
 get my car in my name only
NOT to mention the insane work schedule
to pay for all the Christmas presents
Thinking about what school would be best for me
I have been swamped

Other things I've been crazy busy doing
Being happy
Being silly

and not worrying about what others think about it
is a huge hurdle for me
and a great feeling
Today  slowed down a bit though, I posed for the "NEW" boudoir ad
"Picture soon"
Easy day at work right?
Melissa also photographed Juju's (g-ma's) new jewelry line

Then I searched through pics to meet requirements for
Forsyth Woman's Engaged magazine...
While I was searching
 I found these to share
Pippa's latest photo-shoot (Melissa's dog and studio mascot)

Real Life Photography's new logo....Check out Melissa's blog here

"Quote Love"

Thanks for reading ya'll...hope everyone is having a great week

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