Totally Tuesday

By 8:39 PM

What's good in my life?
Positive energy is everywhere right now...
Mini-vaca next week
Christmas soon
Then New Year eve vaca.
Going back to school pretty soon
Getting g-mas jewelry line up and running with new logos and pics
Work is going great...we have been super productive with all types of things
I'm thinking new tatt soon
(Thinking about something simple like adding hearts
 to the periods in between the roman numerals on my shoulder)

What's going on with ya'll, what's good in your life??

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1 lovely little thoughts

  1. Your month sounds better than mine :) headed to crazy in-laws next week for a couple of days, headed back home for Christams...New Years Eve at our local Bella Collina and then 2012 will be here...hopefully 2012 will be a great year. Cute blog :)


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