My Bucket List

By 8:17 PM

Move far far away
Get a mastiff
Take an art class
 Learn to surf
 Have lots of babies
Do a repel
Make it into inked magazine
 Visit every winery in the state
                                                             Have sex on a beach
Own a BMW
Go to Vegas
Graduate with at least an associates degree
Own a house
 Go rafting 
Visit Nashville
 Join the army
 Plant a garden
 Get in perfect shape
 Go to the Hopscotch Festival
 Write a book
Go to Disney

This is my bucket list, whats yours?

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5 lovely little thoughts

  1. Learning to surf would be amazing, I've always wanted to do it!

  2. Anonymous6/06/2012

    this totally inspired me to create a bucket list of my own :)) i love yours!

  3. I love this list! I definitely want to learn how to surf, become a mom, and go rafting too. ;) But I also want to travel the world! So I guess I have to add 'get a good job' and 'earn a lot of money' to my list too. Hah. xo

  4. Love you're blog, I follow u!

  5. Great list. Although, I think you should add 'get a monkey' to that list, trust me, once I start writing more on my blog I will convince you. A monkey is the #1 pet.

    And you should also get a segway. They look really fun :)


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