Top 5 Tuesday:Celebrity Crushes, A link-up

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Today I'm linking up with
"Just Peachy"
and participating in
Top 5 Tuesday: Celebrity Crushes

I loved looking at all my "bloggy friends" sister post's!

Celebrity Crush #1
 (Thank you M.T.V. for making him famous)

Celebrity Crush #2
Jason Statham

Celebrity Crush #3
Vin Diesel
(Who doesn't have a crush on him?)

Celebrity Crush #4
Tyler Hoechlin
(Teen wolf heart throb)

And the Celebrity Crush #5
Bradley Cooper
(and the Hangover man)

Who's your Celebrity Crush?!

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3 lovely little thoughts

  1. Ahh Tyler Hoechlin is a hottieee!!! And you can't go wrong with Bradley Cooper! Helloooo gorgeous :)

  2. jason and brad, lovely men they arer :) yes please!!

    cute blog you have!

  3. Love bradley cooper! He's fab in failure to lauch aswell with my other celeb crush matthew mcconaughey :) xo


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