Nov 15, 2011

My Bro Dustin

Guys get so serious about there shooting games
(Laptop cam=shitty)

SooOo tonight....
was one of those nights I was left all by myself
So what did I do?
Headed to my bros
to watch him play video games with his friend
and make a taco run
(It was supposed to be a Mickey D run)
but they had scheduled maintenence???
One of the only nights I want a huge double cheeseburger
and they are closed
So not fair
So Taco Bell had to do
Now?? I'm sitting here scouring my laptop
for a place to live
Maybe not?
Watching how "serious" this game is
and waiting on the cussing rants toward other gamers

"Looking like another Bob Marley Night"  Said best by Nickelback

3 lovely little thoughts:

  1. hahaa ohhhh boys....



  2. Sounds like it wasn't your night, I like the idea of a Bob Marley night though.

  3. nice blog :)


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