Work Wednesday!

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Ok ya'll it's the very first
Work Wednesday!
Today it's all about what's going on at Real Life Photography
The amazing photography studio I am lucky enough to work at
Busy, busy, busy
There's about a bijillion little projects going on!
Christmas decorations (pictures will be up next week) We did the cutest and simplest DIY project a few Christmas ornaments
hanging by fishing line and secured with command strips to the ceiling
Simple but adorable
Melissa officially owns the studio...
She is no longer renting the space!
She is a proud business AND studio owner
We are also talking to Forsyth Woman Engaged
about getting some advertising space in their new magazine
Melissa has been CRAZY busy with sessions & weddings
I have been busy with coming up with new package
and add on names also some new blog template searching
AND don't forget frequent POST OFFICE trips

We have funny toys to make people laugh
We have photobooth sessions!
Cat eye make-up day for me...Love it?

Funny faces

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