True Quote by Bob Marley & the NEW weekly line-up

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Alrite ya'll so I have decided to get
on more of a
shall I say
"Blogger Schedule"
Here's the weekly line-up...

 is WTF Monday (Things that just made me say WTF last week) Maybe a quote from too. Everyone could use a little humor in their life right??
 is Totally Tuesday (Things that make me love life)
 is Work Wednesday(What's going on at Real Life Photography)
 is DIY Thursday (Cute and helpful DIY ideas)
 is Photobooth Friday (A line-up of my photo-booth pics throughout the week)
 is Quote Please Saturday (My fave quotes)
  is What's for dinner? Sunday (RECIPES)

Earlier at work I took the most adorable pic of Pippa sleeping with Melissa's phone...
When I went back to look at the pic I also saw this quote...
I couldn't resist logging onto Pinterest to find share with ya'll...

"Is this not so true!"

Pinned Image

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  1. Love Bob Marley! Thanks for bringing back some good quotes. You rock.


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