"Last Friday Night"

By 12:56 AM

Ya'll have all heard it
Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night"
It's a song about a crazy night...
Total FUNZIES & craziness
Does anyone actually have nights like that??

"I know I don't"
I am 100% happy right now...
Majorly happy
So what does a majorly happy blogger do on a
Friday night
when she's left all by herself..

I curled my hair forever
Headed to the studio at 12 to do office work till
we left for the wedding
Pretty sure the post-office hates me
Had a bi-jillion boxes to be sent out
Anyway's hehe
 helped Melissa with the wedding until about 9
It was really pretty
The reception particulary...
It was at the Centennial Train Station in High Point
"Just gorgeous"
I had a pretty long drive back so I blared some
Nickelback, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Jason Aldean
on the way back
(Just a few)
"I love"
and yes...I sang along to pretty much every song
Then what?
Starbucks drive-thru
Grande White Chocolate Mocha
Got to my mom's
Tried to figured out my moms phone
Checked in with a random snowboarder
Played with the Talking Tom App
I love that thing! So hilarious
I guess I'm amused by little things...
Thought about Tigger and how we need a home
Looked at apartments online
and now I am writing here...
about to watch Law and Order
and get some sleep
It might not be a crazy Friday night or a typical 21 year old's night
but I'm ok being UN-typical
Because I have never been happier

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  1. Fun blog youve got here. =) Im following now and maybe youll visit me someday.



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